Success Story: Renee Lim Ngo, PC, MD

Their old psychiatric billing service billed them on time, but didn't get their billing done on time

The change they found, after going with Kareo Managed Billing, was 'night and day.' Not only are they overcoming their medical billing obstacles, but they are meeting revenue and A/R goals and improving their cash flow. Also, they are finding responsive and resolution-oriented support with Kareo. They have even improved their patient collections as well.

In this case study, read about how Dr. Ngo's independent psychiatry practice is making big medical billing improvements with Kareo Managed Billing. After changing from another medical billing software and service, Dr. Ngo and his office manager, Jo are very happy with Kareo Managed Billing. “There is really no comparison between the old company and what we have now,” Jo says about Kareo. “I love the software, and we are receiving more money, faster than we ever have before.”

See how this psychiatric practice has gone from night to day
with their medical billing.


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