Success Story: Choice Physical Therapy of St. Albans

Improving this physical therapy network's bottom-line by improving medical billing workflows

Looking to change their old system of medical billing, Choice Physical Therapy of St. Albans decided on Kareo Billing for their needs. The result has been that 90% of claims are paid in 30 days or less and denials are less than 5%.

Now they are improving their medical billing workflows, getting paid faster, and increasing overall efficiency with Kareo. Denials are low because claims are scrubbed for errors. Kareo's easy, at-a-glance dashboard helps them keep track of everything in one place. Choice was able to eliminate manual entry tasks, and utilize easy-to-use reporting to monitor and impove their entire medical billing revenue cycle.

Read how this physical therapy network overcame inefficiency with Kareo to improve overall cashflow.


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