Success Story: Manuka Health Clinic

Telehealth solution from Kareo extends quality care for Lyme-MSIDS patients and boosts practice revenue

A pioneer in MSIDS treatment, Dr. Ginger Scoggin founded Manuka Health Clinic (MHC) in Anchorage in 2008. The two-person practice is renowned worldwide as a leader in vector pathogen treatment. Dr. Scoggin is consulted by other healthcare experts daily. As testimony to her expertise, her practice has a five-year waiting list.

Ever since its inception, MHC has used Kareo Practice Management. “We have always been big fans of Kareo,” says Gen Ellis, clinic director. “The system takes care of everything for us, from billing and online scheduling to ordering lab work and clearinghouse functions. It’s really easy to use, because there are multiple ways to locate any given piece of information.”

When Dr. Scoggin heard of Kareo's release of an integrated telehealth solution, she knew it was something they needed.

Kareo Telehealth is a cloud-based solution, and thus requires no downloads for either providers or patients. Appointments can be set up through Kareo’s online scheduling capabilities. Patients get an email or text when it’s time for their virtual “visit”, and link in by clicking on their computer or mobile device. Patients provide their insurance information, eligibility is checked and credit card information and payment is collected before the appointment starts. Dr. Scoggin and the patient see one another over a secure network where she can easily share lab results too. “Since adopting Kareo Telehealth, our billings are up by at least 25%, with no extra time or effort on our part.”

Although she can’t touch the patient, Dr. Scoggin gets a detailed view of symptoms and the overall patient’s condition. “I need to see things with my eyes,” she says. “Kareo Telehealth is the next best thing to an old-school home visit.”

Learn more about how Kareo Telehealth helped Manuka Health Clinic improve patient care boost, especially during emergencies, and boost their revenue along the way.


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