“I am a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I have been in practice for 31 years. I started using the Kareo EHR about 6 months ago and tried two programs before that. Kareo is more user friendly than the others. It is easy to navigate and is much more intuitive than the others. It also is the fastest of the three. It doesn't take 10-15 minutes to sign in. My last one did just that. Making templates is so much easier than my last program. The ability to enter scheduled drugs into the individual medication lists is a very simple way to keep track of what I have prescribed. The support staff at Kareo are wonderful. They maintain contact after the program is up and running and their availability is excellent. I highly recommend this program to anyone, particularly if you are overwhelmed by the cost of web based programs and buying EHR software, this program is for you.”

Richard Keyser, Owner
Psychiatric Mental Health Associates, LLC

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