“I am semi retired and only work 1/2 day a week. So it would be very difficult for me to use a program that was very complex. My office provides holistic care by nurse practitioners. Much of what we do was not documented as well in the past. Kareo fulfills our needs. We like the depth of histories, including family history. We love E prescribe. It does take me longer to document some items because I like more FaceTime with my patients, even tho we have a chair next to the computer, it doesn't always work out. Sometimes documentation is left for after hours due to the complexity of a particular visit. It has been great to have the whole patient profile to send to the hospital for admissions. We look forward to seeing how to document to bill our phone calls to patients, especially the home bound. We look forward to using ICD 10...kareo has made it less scared. We would like to see if we can contract billing for ”

JoAnn Lister, Provider
Alpine family healthcare services

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