“I was terrified when our practice received a letter from Allscripts in late 2014 informing us that our server and current Practice Mangement software would no longer be supported and we would have to purchase a whole new system. Having gone through a change in practice management systems years earlier, I knew it would be a very painful experience and feared it would be extremely costly as well. I quickly contacted different software companies, and painstakingly went through multiple demos. It wasn’t until I demoed Kareo that I started to breathe normally again. Kareo’s workflow made sense to me. The program seemed easy to learn. Submitting claims was light years easier than our old system. Training could be done online at our leisure which would be so helpful for our staff. The best part was that the monthly cost was so affordable compared to other companies, and much less than what we were used to paying. We didn’t need to purchase any new hardware and there were no training fees. The minimal fee to transfer our data from our old system was so much less than the competitors. We took the plunge and made the switch to Kareo. We were assigned a representative who walked us through the process of changing clearinghouses and transferring our data. It was an incredibly smooth transition. The paperwork for the clearinghouses was prepared by my contact person in the enrollment department and I just had to sign the agreements and mail or fax back. He was easy to work with and answered all of my questions. My contact in data services was great to work with. We were able to transfer patient demographics, insurance information, referring doctor information, and patient balances. All of the data transferred without any errors. We have been using Kareo for 5 months now. I have found the Support at Kareo to be exceptional. I am able to speak to a representative every time I call, as opposed to our old company where we would have to create a case and wait for someone to call back. Every support representative has been polite and knowledgeable and has completely answered all of my questions. Appointment scheduling is so easy, entering new patients or changing demographics is so easy, entering claims is so easy, submitting claims is so easy, sending patient statements is so easy, obtaining reports to track claims is so easy. There’s a pattern here- Kareo is extremely easy to use and is reliable. The electronic remittance reports are very easy to manage and we are getting paid much faster than in the past. I actually enjoy posting payments now. With its low operating costs, ease of training, phenomenal support and ease of use, I highly recommend the Kareo Practice Mangement system. ”

Melinda Albert, Provider
Lee Albert MD

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