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  • Pioneers in mobile charge capture solutions
  • Save money on payment processing
  • Seemlesly integrates with Kareo PM

Low Cost Physician Charge Capture Software for your practice.

MD Coder will allow your practice to capture charges at the point of care. This streamlined integration will dramatically reduce the lag in your charges being submitted for payment. MD Coder allows you to ensure your charges are captured quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The data is seamlessly synchronized into the Kareo platform for a completely integrated solution. MD Coder will bring you increases in profits while also eliminating the paper, the charge lag, and any re-keying of data.

Here’s how MD Coder can benefit your practice.

Subscription Based

MD Coder is subscription-based software that improves the charge capture process, enabling a higher level of accuracy and zero lost charges.

HIPAA Compliant

MD Coder and MD Message are completely HIPAA-compliant.

Capture Charges

You can capture charges at the point of care in five clicks. In addition, you can choose from your favorites lists, custom drill downs, and more. MD Coder is personalized for you.

Synchronize to One Database

MD Coder enables the sharing of a rounding list with real-time color coding updates, historical charge information, notes, and secure text messaging between the back office and providers.

Save Time and Resources

MD Coder saves you valuable time and resources by reducing claim denials, increasing revenues, helping avoid unnecessary billing costs, and most importantly reducing the chance of an audit by CMS or the OIG.

CPT - ICD–10 and more

MD Coder allows you to capture more charges, search the entire code library, and code easily and confidently, through ICD-10.

Web Applications and Mobile Apps

MD Coder is available for any web browser, Android, iPhone or iPad and Blackberry.