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  • Pioneers in mobile charge capture solutions
  • Save money on payment processing
  • Seemlesly integrates with Kareo PM

Low Cost Physician Charge Capture Software for your Practice.

We help healthcare companies automate the charge capture process. This usually boosts profitability 20-40% by automating e-billing, patient census, and billing analytics. Digital facesheets and charge information flow seamlessly between Kareo, reducing billing lag from weeks to days.

MD Coder’s native integration with Kareo will provide you with a seamless two-way interface that eliminates the need for paper facesheets, index cards, and superbills. MD Coder’s Kareo integration automates your inpatient census list and allows physicians to capture their rounding charges in seconds. Patient charge information then flows seamlessly into the Kareo system along with the patient demographics from the hospital system - eliminating a huge bottleneck in the revenue cycle.

MD Coder has proven over 18 years to increase the bottom line of every organization that has implemented its system. As the leading mobile solution for automated charge capture and secure messaging, we ensure a higher level of accuracy, eliminate lost or missed charges, and decrease administrative costs. Physicians can share patients/encounter information, capture MIPS measures, and take notes securely and efficiently. Integrated TeleHealth scheduling & calling were also recently introduced. Combined with a built-in secure messaging system, MD Coder charge capture allows for constant and real-time care coordination between physicians and their back office team, ensuring a significant decrease in charge lag and an increase in revenue.

Kareo + MD Coder

MD Coder is a mobile charge capture solution that captures patient facesheets, charges, and notes to replace paper billing


Seamlessly Integrated with Kareo

MD Coder is integrated with Kareo Billing to provide a seamless charge capture experience for both the provider and billing staff.

Mobile Charge Capture

Submit charges to Kareo in seconds with MD Coder. Easily clone previous charges or choose from customized drill-downs.

Integrated Data Entry

Eliminate all back office manual data entry. Manage associated patient face-sheets, notes, and charges – all on one robust system.

Robust Tool Set

MD Coder provides everything you need to optimize your revenue cycle: Global CPT/ICD-10 Search, Secure Messaging, Telemedicine, MIPS, Analytics, and more.

Easy Patient Handoff

With a single swipe, seamlessly share patients with other physicians for handoff or weekend rounding. Historical patient notes & charges are always available.

Digital Rounding List

MD Coder provides physicians with a real-time patient census list accessible on their phone. This patient list with your charge capture will integrate directly into Kareo.

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Learn more