Kareo + ZirMed

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  • Claims Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Value-Based Reimbursement
  • Patient Responsibility

ZirMed Gets Providers Paid

ZirMed® empowers healthcare organizations to optimize value-driven and fee-for-service reimbursements with a comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based RCM solutions.

Kareo & ZirMed

Get Providers Paid

Claims Integration With Kareo

  • Automates & streamlines payer-enrollment process
  • Best in KLAS® Claims and Clearinghouse 2011, 2013, 2014, & 2015/2016
  • EDI monitoring teams ensure flawless payer connectivity & payer issue resolution

Fewer Denials

  • Flags claims likely to be denied before final billing
  • Increases accuracy of denial predictions by over 500%
  • Reduces appeal rework through proactive denials avoidance

Higher Satisfaction

  • 100% of clients would buy again
  • 98% highly likely to recommend again
  • 74% of customers ranked ZirMed as their best vendor



Here’s what Kareo and ZirMed can do for you


Claims Management

Get faster, easier, more powerful claims workflows, maximize revenue, and benefit from ZirMed’s 98%+ clean-claims rate with:

  • Claims Processing
  • Payer Payments
  • Remit-based Analytics

Integrated Claims Processing

ZirMed’s integrated solution with Kareo is ideal when you’re facing:

  • Coding challenges
  • Avoidable claims rejections
  • Medical claims processing and tracking issues
  • Inability to submit electronic Worker's Comp attachments

AR Management

Streamline accounts receivable workflows, ensure faster and more complete payments, and reduce AR days and write-offs with:

  • AR Analytics
  • Denial & Appeal Management
  • Payment Variance
  • Contract Management
  • Self-Pay Management

Patient Responsibility

Boost patient collections and engagement, improve patient satisfaction and provider patient communication, reduce AR days and write-offs, manage care team workflow, and more with consumer-friendly:

  • Patient Notebook
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Lockbox
  • Patient Payment Processing

Patient Access

Streamline pre-registration, accurately verify eligibility and estimate total patient responsibility, collect payment up front, set up automatic payment plans, and more with:

  • Financial Clearance
  • Eligibility and Benefits Management
  • Patient Estimation
  • Propensity to Pay
  • Point-of-Service Collections
  • Patient Notebook

Value-Based Care

Benchmark providers, manage outcome-based reimbursements, understand patient risk stratification, and more with:

  • Pop Health Data Warehouse
  • Value-based Contracting
  • Measure and Registry Reporting
  • Readmission Analytics
  • Physician Cost and Utilization
  • Patient Safety and Quality

Practice marketing and patient engagement made easier

Online Presence

A strong online presence and positive patient reviews will help you rank high on Google searches. This means more new patients for the practice.

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Online Scheduling

Your Provider Profile allows current and new patients to schedule appointments directly. This saves time for the patient and practice staff.

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Reputation Management

Get post-visit feedback from patients and use those positive reviews to boost the image of your practice online.

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Patient Communications

Ensure patients feel valued and keep coming back through helpful communications. Retaining patients is the most cost-effective way to keep your practice thriving.

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Practice Analytics

Get visibility into the health of your practice with our performance dashboard. See how Kareo helps you run a more efficient practice.

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The trusted, proven billing technology for independent practices

Comprehensive Agenda

Get a clear picture of your practice schedule and tasks to complete.

Complete Patient & Document Management

Quickly enter patient data, upload documents and verify eligibility.

Powerful Scheduler & Appointment Reminders

Customize your schedule, manage patient alerts and send appointment reminders.

Accurate Charge Capture & Management

View and enter charges directly in Kareo and never miss another charge.

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Smarter Insurance Billing & Patient Collections

Ensure you get paid with advanced claim processing, tracking tools and features designed to help you stay on top of your patient A/R.

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Insightful Billing Analytics

Understand your billing performance and avoid surprises using our analytics.

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Secure Messaging System

Built in secure messaging allows you to securely communicate with your biller, patients and employees.

ICD-10 Compliant

Kareo is ICD-10 compliant and has tools to help your code correctly.

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Every feature you need to expedite collections


Schedule with ease and confidence. Built in eligibility verification helps reduce denials and the work that denials require.

Charge Capture

Our charge capture technology, accessible via web bowser and mobile, reduces duplicate efforts and minimizes errors

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Powerful Rules Engine

Our nationwide billing rules engine with automatically flags claims issues before they leave your office.

Claim Tracking

Monitor where all your claims are, what their status is, and what is being done to get you paid.

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Billing Tasks

Don’t let billing tasks add up and slow you down. Streamline your day by managing all your billing tasks in one, easy-to-use inbox.

Billing Analytics

Track your productivity and billing performance. We measure your key performance indicators so we can actively look for ways to find your practice revenue.

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Build a solution based on the unique needs of independent practices.