Kareo + PatientlySpeaking

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  • Significantly Increase Revenue
  • Drastically reduce staff time
  • Multiple self-payment options
  • Increase the ROI around patient A/R
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PatientlySpeaking Leads the Way in Automated Patient A/R Processing

PatientlySpeaking drastically reduces the costs associated with processing patient A/R, increasing revenue and enabling organizations to feel confident every effort has been pursued to resolve Patient A/R. PatientlySpeaking changes the ROI around the ever growing Patient A/R .

Kareo & PatientlySpeaking

Pursuing Revenue Generation Thru Automation!

Integrating directly with Kareo Billing, PatientlySpeaking utilizes all of the patient A/R information you already enter in the system without impacting your staff.

The platform interfaces seamlessly using the Kareo Application Programming Interface (API) in order to automatically extract the necessary A/R Information on a patient by patient basis - everyday.


Kareo & PatientlySpeaking

Here’s what Kareo and PatientlySpeaking can do for you


Increase Patient A/R Revenue

It starts with the automatic review of every patient’s A/R using practice specific rules– every single day. Once identified, the patient’s meeting that criteria are contacted automatically and given options to make a payment, report a payment already made, or speak with your staff.

Reduce Resources Required to Handle A/R

By combining automation and rules based decision making, PatientlySpeaking enables you to address the ever increasing patient A/R challenge with much less staff then before. Eliminate the hours of staff time talking to answering machines.

Multiple Payment Options

Once you reach the patient, making it easy for them to make that payment –full or partial – is one of the keys to success. Providing the patient with options – from connecting to your staff or being able to making a self payment right from their phone – our portal provides that built in flexibility.

Business Intelligence

The result – a user friendly portal that provides actionable statistics enabling you to pinpoint how to make the most of your workforce - every day. Generate reports that clearly define your work efforts to maximize revenue at the practice level.

Rules Based Workflow

The platform interfaces seamlessly with the Kareo Application Programming Interface (API) in order to achieve this. The end result, daily reports identifying which patients will be contacted on a practice-by-practice basis.

Proven Response Rate

After years of providing this service to medical billing companies, we are making it available to medical practices directly as well. It is a patient friendly, simple, call to action that has a proven response rate of between 13 and 15% of all calls answered.

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