Kareo + OptimisPT

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  • Embedded Clinical Decision Support
  • Evidence Based
  • Built by Experts
  • Fully-integrated with Kareo

Seamless, simple, and best-in-class solution for rehab providers.

OptimisPT delivers a best-in-class, fully-integrated solution that’s designed for independent rehab practices. The platform’s streamlined workflows and robust business intelligence capabilities helps all members of your practice gain insight into how the practice is performing.

Kareo and OptimisPT

Paired with Kareo’s Practice Management solution, OptimisPT offers a comprehensive, rehab-specific EMR that includes embedded clinical decision support based on published clinical practice guidelines.

Robust Billing Capabilities

With Kareo Billing, there’s no better software to support your billing process. Kareo’s centralized A/R management system, intuitive billing analytics, and accurate charge capture capabilities gives users the tools needed to get paid faster the first time, with less effort.

Solution for Every Practice Role

Together, OptimisPT and Kareo offer robust functionality that ensures users have the features and capabilities to run a successful practice. Our solution empowers every member of the practice—including your front office, billers, and provider staff.

Optimized Rehab Workflows

Built with the rehab provider in mind, the platform offers a comprehensive solution that manages every point of the patient journey—from patient creation and appointment scheduling, to final claim payment.



Here’s what Kareo and OptimisPT EMR can do for you

Evidence Based

OptimisPT’s platform includes extensive use of evidence-based diagnostic and assessment tooling to deliver world-class care

Business Intelligence

With years of owning and operating clinics across multiple states, OptimisPT developed business tools for all levels of your practice

Drive Growth

Drive growth through better patient care, robust operational guidance, and reporting tools to make data driven decisions


Scheduling is simple and easy to use, but customizable enough to handle even the most complex multi-site operations


OptimisPT’s custom-built, patient-facing mobile app allows your patients to see their exercises, fill out their outcome measures, view their visits, and more


Your documentation needs to be fast, efficient, and complete. OptimisPT knows that because their documentation module was built by industry experts


Drive revenue and simplify your billing process! Ensure that your claims are accurate before they ever go out and keep an eye on it with clear reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Do you work for your data in your current EMR? What if your data could work for you? With Optimis Analytics, you can make real time data driven decisions about your practice at a moment's notice.

Integrations & Customization

OptimisPT integrates with Kareo through a robust HL7 interface. Additionally, a dedicated team of developers allows for deep customization of the software.

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Online Directory Manager (ODM)

Inconsistent business location information will cost you patients and impact the success of your practice. Instantly sync your correct location data on dozens of healthcare sites, search engines, mobile apps, ad platforms and your own website.

Online Provider Profile

Customize page content and share positive reviews to increase search engine traffic to your site. And now patients can book appointments directly from your site, powered by Google.

Patient Reviews

Harness the power of positive reviews to boost your image online, and a handy auto-publishing option lets you spread the word through social media.

Practice Analytics

Kareo Engage provides a comprehensive view into your account, including referrals/reviews, an ROI calculator, appointment requests and future appointments.

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Billing Dashboard

Our intuitive practice management dashboard will save you time and keep you on track with essential task lists, KPIs and workflows.

Eligibility Checks & Patient Authorizations

Increase collections by verifying patient insurance benefits.

Charge Capture & Encounter Review

View and enter charges directly in Kareo and never miss another charge.

Insurance Enrollments

Easy Electronic Enrollments with Kareo to Submit Claims, Check Eligibility and Receive ERAs.

Claims Submissions and Management

Submitting your claims electronically helps you avoid costly delays and disruptions in cash flow.

Rejection & Denial Management

Get paid faster by eliminating denials and rejections.

Payment Posting

Improve your productivity with automatic posting of electronic insurance payments.

Patient Statements

Spend less time on manual billing processes while increasing patient collections.

Kareo Patient Collect

Maximize patient collections by leveraging text, email, and mailed statements.

Procedure Macros

Create your own convenient shortcuts that saves you time when entering procedures performed within an encounter.

Platform Dashboard

Enjoy an intuitive dashboard, task list and customizable multi-resource calendar.

Robotic Process Automation

Dramatically increase profitability and productivity with robotic process automation.

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Patient Registration & Scheduling

Easily customize, manage, and track your practice’s entire schedule, including providers, exam rooms, and specialty equipment with Kareo PM.

Chart Visit Notes

Using Modernizing Medicine’s specialty-specific EMA you can quickly document histories and treatment plans with the native iPad app.

Enter Charges

Quickly create superbills with CPTs, ICD-9, and modifiers using specialty billing algorithms and generate an audit receipt of why each note was billed at the appropriate E/M code.

Review & Submit Claims

Billing codes from Modernizing Medicine are instantly shared with your Kareo PM, making it effortless to scrub codes and electronically submit to insurance payers.

Get Paid

Once claims are submitted, see claims status and access your electronic funds and electronic remittance advice (ERA) from your insurance payers within Kareo PM.

Bill Patients

Use Kareo PM to set up online bill pay, send digital statements, or print paper statements for patients paying copays, deductibles, coinsurance, or the full amount for self-pay scenarios.

Track Performance

With Kareo PM, monitor what you are getting paid and how fast you are getting paid through Kareo’s medical billing reports and dashboards.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Only enter patient demographics once. Seamless integration between EMA and Kareo ensures both systems share the same patient information.


The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Learn more