Kareo + GoodRx

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  • Saves patients money
  • Improves adherence
  • Integrated into the prescribing workflow
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Save money for your patients when you prescribe their meds!

Use GoodRx in your practice to educate and empower your patients. Kareo and GoodRx have partnered to allow you to easily send savings to patients when prescribing medication. Within Kareo Clinical, Rx Saver, powered by GoodRx, offer patients information on the best prescription pricing available in the area as well any coupons for their medication. The experience is easy, integrated and does not hinder or add any additional clicks to the current Kareo Clinical prescription workflow, all while providing a huge benefit in your relationships with patients.

Kareo & GoodRx

Partner to bring prescription drug savings to your patients

Prescription drug prices and savings at your fingertips within your Kareo EHR, called Rx Saver.

Save money for your patients when you prescribe their meds! Easily text, email, or print savings for your patients when prescribing their medication.

Works for patients with all types of insurance - GoodRx beats copays most of the time! It’s always worth checking the price.


Kareo and GoodRx

Kareo & GoodRx can help you save money for your patients when you prescribe their medication


Prescription Drug Savings

Saves your patients up to 80% on their prescriptions. Lower costs for your patients mean improved adherence and patient satisfaction.

Pharmacy Comparison Pricing

Drug prices vary widely between pharmacies. Compare prices at your patient’s preferred pharmacy and at other pharmacies nearby.

Deliver Savings to Patients

Texts, emails, and prints drug prices for your patients. Also, sends them savings coupons that enables them to fill the medications at that price.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Integrated into your prescribing workflow for easy usage during your patient’s visit.

Ongoing Patient Savings

Once you’ve shared savings with your patients on their first prescription, the savings will still work on all of their refills.

Works For All Patients

Delivers the lowest price most of the time, regardless of the patient’s type of insurance.

Patient Savings Kit

Receive a FREE GoodRx Discount Cards for your medical office. With a Patient Savings Kit, your patients can pick up pre-activated discount cards with information explaining how and when your patients can use them to save on their medications.

Get Your Free Kit

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