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  • EPCS Gold is the first DEA and Surescripts-certified solution for e-prescribing controlled substances
  • EPCS is legal in all 50 state and the District of Columbia
  • Over 82% of pharmacies nationwide accept EPCS

Prescribe Controlled Substances in the Same Workflow with Kareo and EPCS Gold 2.0

EPCS Gold℠ eliminates paper prescriptions, transcription errors and improves efficiency by reducing pharmacy and patient phone calls. Access to 24 months of patient medication history helps prevent drug shopping.

Kareo & DrFirst

The Benefits of EPCS Gold and the Kareo Platform


Helps mitigate the abuse and theft of controlled substances

Reduce fraud and abuse since there are no paper prescription pads to be stolen or forged. Unique pin and e-signature are required for each transaction as security measures.

Improves patient safety

Access to 24 months of patient medication history helps detect potential drug-seekers and possible substance abuse issues among patients. Checks for medication errors and alerts in the workflow allow for greater patient safety and improved clinical outcomes.

Saves time and increases efficiency

No need to review patient’s recent medication history prior to writing prescription. Receive electronic prior authorization and benefit checking in the workflow saving time by eliminating manual processes.

Enhances patient satisfaction

Real-time drug pricing models enable providers to select the most therapeutically appropriate medications and also the most cost-effective. Since prescription is sent electronically unnecessary office visits are reduced and wait times at pharmacies are minimized.

Reduces pharmacy calls and calls from patients

No need to clarify prescriptions or correct transcription errors.

Helps reduce deaths from prescription painkillers

EPCS Gold helps quell increased rates of opioid-related addiction, abuse, diversion and death by making more difficult to doctor-shop and alter prescriptions.

Seamless integration with Kareo

Prescribe controlled substances and legend drug in the same workflow saving time and increasing efficiency providing a complete e-prescribing solution.

Be prepared for the EPCS mandate in your state

States such as NY have adopted strict guidelines mandating as of March 27, 2016 that both legend and controlled substances be prescribed electronically. Maine has become the second state to mandate the electronic prescribing of controlled substances.

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