Kareo Connect Partner Program for Billing Companies

A medical office software platform designed for you and your practices.

The Kareo partner program is designed help you better serve your small practice clients, grow your business, and operate efficiently.

Advantages of being a partner

Two levels of program participation allow your company to engage with Kareo in a way that is consistent with your organization’s resources, areas of specialty, and ability to benefit from the program. Here’s a synopsis of the two levels – Kareo Connect Partner and Kareo Connect Premier Partner.

The Benefits Registered Partner Badge Kareo Connect Partners Premier Partner Badge Kareo Connect
Premier Partners
Dedicated Account Management   Included
Dedicated Product Training Included Included
Referral Program Included Included
Sales Training Included Included
Unlimited Dedicated Customer Support Included Included
Dedicated Help Center Included Included
Partner Resource Center Portal Access Included Included
Educational Webinars Included Included
HBMA Association Discount Included Included
Dedicated Marketplace Included Included

Ready to Get Started?

Our billing company consultants are ready to discuss your software needs and how we can build your business together.

The Kareo Connect Partner Program is for active Kareo Billing Companies only. If you would like to become an active Kareo Billing Company, please contact us at: Email:kareoconnect@kareo.com or 866-231-2871 .

Have more questions?

  • What sort of assistance do you provide to your partners?

    We have launched phase one of a new new Kareo Connect partner program for Billing Companies that offers several types of assistance including marketing materials, webinars and a Partner Resource Center portal that has other resources designed to help your company succeed.

  • Will I have access to ready-to-use material to help me close new accounts?

    Yes. Kareo will provide materials for you to use to close more business.

  • What are the requirements to become a partner?

    The requirements can be found on our partner’s website in our partner program section (and in this document).

  • Why is Kareo getting into a business that competes with me?

    After researching our customer base, we determined that some customers prefer to use regional Billing Company providers, and other customers are looking for a different solution. Kareo is offering Billing services due to existing demand from Kareo direct customers coupled with the motivation to grow our company in ways that are synergistic with our mission and customers. Should one of your clients contacts us directly for Billing services and it is uncovered that the contact is working with you, we have strict internal standard operating processes to cease engagement with this contact. We immediately notify you directly about the encounter.

  • Will you try to move my existing customers over to your billing service? If no, why not?

    No. Our Billing Company partners have demonstrated expertise in providing billing services, and have built a loyal customer base. It is Kareo’s intention to enhance and help build our partner’s business.

  • Why would customers choose Kareo to do their billing?

    After extensive research, we have discovered that some prospects prefer a single company solution to handle their Billing solutions. As Kareo continues to grow, it is important for us to deliver products that satisfy the needs of prospective clients. Our mission hasn’t changed: To help doctors free themselves from the anxiety of the business of health care.

  • How is Kareo’s billing service better than my company? What are you going to offer that makes you a strong competitor?

    Kareo’s focus is to provide best-in-class Clincial, Engage and Billing solutions. We have a product development roadmap that will continue to enhance our core offerings and bring our partners new opportunities. Our intent is to continue to be a market leader by designing a platform that makes managing a business and running a small practice intuitive. This platform is available to all of our Billing Company Partners.

  • Why should I keep using Kareo’s products?

    We are a leading provider of medical office software. We believe that our platoform is competitive, functional and scalable which helps Billing Companies keep their overhead lower and their operation efficient. The goal of our Kareo Connect Partner Program is to provide you with tools and a financial incentive to grow your company with Kareo's platform.