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Innovation in Exchanging Electronic Claims and Attachments

Jopari is changing the way you manage billing and payment processing needs for workers’ compensation, property & casualty, and group health industries.

Kareo & Jopari

Take the Cost and Pain of Paper Out of Medical Transactions

Jopari eBill:

Electronic medical bills and attachments are received from Providers, billing services, clearinghouses, and other sources. They undergo indexing, validation for required data, are normalized and delivered to the Payer in their required specified formats, ready for medical bill processing.

Jopari Attach:

For 10+ years Jopari has furnished the leading connectivity network for the Property & Casualty marketplace. From the start we resolved the documentation exchange challenge by developing innovative tools that deliver great flexibility to Providers in submitting required substantiating documentation, regardless of the level of their internal office automation.

Jopari ProPay:

Flexible, full spectrum payment methods that work in concert with a Payer’s existing bill review, claim, and financial systems, allowing Providers to choose the payment method that best suits their practice or organization’s needs. Jopari offers the full range of secure payment methods – checks, paper EOBs, EFT, ERA, and Payment Cards


Jopari Features

Here’s what Kareo and Jopari can do for you!

Reduce Mailroom Costs

Jopari eBill® reduces mailroom manual workload, automates indexing, and ensures that only complete “clean” bills enter into the Payer’s bill review or claim management system – thereby significantly reducing, and in many cases virtually eliminating, manual and paper intensive processes.

Expedites Claim Adjudication Cycles

Jopari eBill® directly generates savings in administrative expenses by: improving bill data input accuracy; eliminating incomplete bills, missing attachments and duplicate bill submissions; decreasing bill/payment status call volumes; and establishing a Provider “self-service” data tracking and auditing capability.

Flexible Payment Methods

Secure Online Provider enrollment for EFT as well as full banking information management routines, eliminating the need for a Payer to store and handle that data Access to a growing network of enrolled Providers for EFT\ERA Integrated Provider Portal to allow searching/viewing/downloading EOB and payment information, virtually eliminating the need to distribute paper copies

Extensive Payer List

Jopari eBill® furnishes the P&C industry’s leading connectivity network consisting of 4,000+ Payers and excess of 850,000 Providers, both directly and in partnership with most of the prominent regional and national clearinghouses.

EDI Edits and Validation

Jopari Provider Portal® enables full and immediate compliance with state and federal medical EDI Administrative Transaction and operating rules. And is being used by Providers and Payers in EVERY state


Jopari eBill® allows you to immediately achieve full compliance with state and federal administrative transaction and operating rules, thus ensuring a nationwide, fully compliant solution for electronic bill and Attachment exchange as well as remittance advice delivery.

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