Why Kareo Makes a Good Partner For Your Medical Billing or Consultant Business

As part of our Kareo as a Partner series, we are focusing on the benefits to working with Kareo if you are a business that serves independent practices. Whether you are a medical billing company, IT consultant, realtor or any business that serves this industry, Kareo wants to partner with you.

With our integrated approach and responsive customer service, we make it easy for you to refer your clients to our platform. Here are 5 ways that Kareo can partner with you to grow your business.

1. Simple and straightforward platform

The number one thing Kareo's clients say about our unified platform is its simple and straightforward application. This not only benefits your clients, but it helps you too, as the platform is consistent regardless of your client’s individual setup. You no longer need to worry about client specifics when working with us. Moreover, your clients can customize the Kareo platform to meet their practice or clinic’s needs. This ease of use helps your clients save on time and helps them focus on their business.

2. Excellent customer support

"Kareo offers specialized support to accommodate the needs of both practices and billing companies," explains Amanda Zeosky, Kareo’s Director of Partner Marketing. “For our billing company partners, we have a dedicated support team that understands the medical industry and their specific needs." This means that Kareo assists both you and your clients whenever issues arise. Clients can sometimes feel there is a steep learning curve when it comes to learning new software and systems for their practice. We provide Kareo University, an online training program that your clients can access whenever they need it. Kareo University offers live training, as well as the option to go back to refer to training modules.

Your clients will have a single point of contact that can walk them through any concerns that might come up. Not only does Kareo partner with you to land new clients, but we also make sure your client’s onboarding process is smooth and efficient.


3. Access to Kareo Partner Portal

For our business partners, we have created a specific portal to make the onboarding process simple and easy to use. To get started with the Kareo Partner Portal, simply provide your business email to be contacted by a member of the partner team. Once approved, you’ll go to our online partner portal where you can access resources such as trainings and marketing pieces to be able to hit the ground running.

With the Kareo Partner Portal, you can also receive customized pricing appropriate to your business, support to meet the needs of both your company and your clients, and have access to a dedicated account manager. As you grow with Kareo, we offer additional benefits such as access to premium services, VIP enrollments, and training.

4. Grow Your Client Base

If you are a billing company specifically, you also have the option to be considered for our Kareo Partner Connect program. With Kareo Partner Connect, we connect providers to our billing company partners in our program when they want to outsource their billing. As a billing partner, you don't have to worry that Kareo will compete for clients billing services, as we exited this market to provide industry-leading software for our partners.

If you have a smaller billing company and don’t have marketing in-house, Kareo can provide that support as well. You will have the ability to display that you’re an authorized partner of Kareo as well as co-brand guides, data sheets and other marketing materials.

5. Cloud-based and secure

Our application provides military-grade encryption and houses cloud data on a secure platform so protected patient health information is always kept safe. We offer around-the-clock security monitoring and third-party validation in order to be held to regulatory requirements. With so many clients working out of the office, it's crucial to have the flexibility for providers to access their business securely in any location. Kareo's cloud-based application came through for providers during COVID as they were able to switch to remote without any interruptions to their business.

The platform offers flexibility to expand your client's workforce nationwide, to scale and grow business, says Zeosky. This gives you the opportunity for future business expansion, regardless of the location. Kareo works in partnership with you to ensure your clients receive the best customer service and product possible.

For more information on how to become a business partner with Kareo, visit us here. If you are a billing company, also visit us here.

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