What's a Facebook Referral Really Worth?

An interesting study from web metrics company Hitwise recently put some numbers behind all the talk about the importance of being on Facebook. As a bunch of self-confessed number-lovers here at DoctorBase, we felt it our duty to share these statistics with our doctors. Here's how it breaks down…

Hitwise found that for every fan on Facebook, a business generates 20 online visits. This means that each time a patient tells their friends about you on Facebook, you get an average of 20 additional people visiting your website. Taking into account a doctor's website converts visitors into new appointments at around 2-3%, you could be using Facebook to generate a new patient every time 2 of your patients tell their friends about you on Facebook.

Now, take into consideration the we've found our own doctors' profiles on DoctorBase convert at over 10%. That means every time only 1 of your patients tells their friends about you on Facebook, you could get 2 new patients. But wait, it gets better… Your DoctorBase profile also generates these referrals on Facebook from your own patients. That's right, DoctorBase's full integration with Facebook automates referrals from your own patients to bring you new patients.

Forgive us for the blatant self-promotion, but when numbers from another company like Hitwise back us up, we won't be shy about it. DoctorBase is the turnkey social networking solution for your practice that creates referrals on Facebook and turns them into new patients. And we have the numbers to prove it.

Want to get more new patients from Facebook? Claim your free DoctorBase profile & let us show you how our Panda Technology automates new patient referrals at:


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