Top 10 Medical Billing & Management Tips from 2014

Getting Paid BlogAs the end of the year nears, it’s nice to look back at 2014 and recap some of the best tips from the Getting Paid blog. The advice from these experts still holds true and can be helpful as you move into the New Year. If you didn’t implement some of these ideas when we first shared them with you, perhaps now is the time!

  1. 6 Simple Strategies to Improve Patient RetentionSatisfied patients who keep coming back are the cornerstone of any successful practice. Tweet this Kareo story
    Keeping your existing patients is always easier than getting new ones. Use these strategies to do just that.
  2. Increasing Healthcare Demand if Revenue Opportunity InfographicGet a snapshot of the changes coming in healthcare over the coming 10 years. Demand is increasing and you can position your practice to take advantage of that demand and grow.
  3. Experts Offer Advice for Reducing Wait TimesYou need to see as many patients as possible each day, and keep those patients happy. If you regularly fall behind and have long waits it can cost you visits and patients. Industry experts offer advice to keep your practice on schedule.
  4. 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Medical Practice Technology NowIt is more important than ever for practices to adapt to the changing industry and patient expectations.Tweet this Kareo story
    Upgrading technology plays a big role in retaining and recruiting patients, addressing changes like ICD-10, and increasing revenue.
  5. 5 Reasons to Consider Outsourced Medical Billing Many practices are looking to upgrade and outsource to reduce costs, improve revenue, and stay independent in these challenging times in healthcare. Find out if this is the right path for your practice.
  6. Your Top Credit Card on File Questions Answered: Credit card on file is a growing trend in healthcare and a great tool to reduce patient A/R and improve patient collections. But many practices have questions and expert Mary Pat Whaley answers some of them here.
  7. 9 Steps to Improve Patient CollectionsThe percentage of your revenue that comes directly from patients is growing each year. It is imperative that you focus on streamlining patient collections so you don’t lose that revenue.
  8. Steps to Position Your Practice to Accept Urgent Care PatientsAs retail clinics become more common, many practices many have to make changes to meet the needs of patients.  These strategies can help your practice stay competitive.
  9. Is Joining an IPA for You? As physicians look at whether to stay independent (or start an independent private practice), there are many options to consider and questions to ask. One of these is whether or not to join a group like an Independent Physician Association (IPA).
  10. Where to Invest in 2015: Top 7 Strategies for Medical PracticesAs you prepare for 2015, what are some of the areas that need attention and investment? You can’t do it all, but you can set the right priorities.
Check out more great articles from the Getting Paid blog along with resources like webinars and white papers at the Kareo Resource Center.

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