Success Story: Kareo Telehealth is Secret Weapon for IT Consultant

IT Consultant Recommends Kareo Telehealth For Safe and Easy Telehealth Patient Interactions 

As owner of an IT service company, Troy Di Lello’s phone often rings off the hook with calls from healthcare practices asking for help. Lately, they have been telling him that their EMR doesn’t have telehealth and they are making do with non-compliant options such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. With COVID-19 restrictions, and compliance waivers due to expire, they want answers fast!

Even before the virus hit, Troy’s company, Di Lello IT Services, was doing a lot of telehealth installations. “For 20 years, we have been IT consultants, doing a full range of implementations and virtual CIO work,” he explains. “When we started getting more healthcare jobs, we realized the potential of telehealth becoming a big thing. We ramped up. And now, of course, it has become THE thing. We were in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the wave.”

Challenge: Choosing a Trustworthy Platform

Being an IT expert, Di Lello knew the importance of selecting the right system for his clients. “Healthcare practices have particularly complicated needs, because of all the compliance issues. We are HIPAA certified ourselves, so we understand the multitude of headaches and risks that a practice could potentially face.” Di Lello did exhaustive research to compare EMRs. At first, his main criteria were robust notes, high security, and affordability. However, the biggest differentiator proved to be ease of use.

Solution: Growing with Kareo

“As I went through various vendors’ demos, Kareo not only checked all of our boxes but was by far the easiest to work with,” he explains. “That translates into minimal training requirements for our clients, effortless implementations for us, and fewer support calls for everyone. We’re definitely Kareo fans.”

After using Kareo for many years, he found it was scalable, too. “As our clients’ practices grew, they inevitably needed more functionality from their EMR. We were delighted to discover that in most cases, Kareo had already built the tools our clients were asking for. It seemed like Kareo had figured out what practices would need in the future even before we could.

Di Lello shares a recent experience with a behavioral health start-up. “Being national, they had to have multiple practices to meet various state requirements. The architecture would have been a nightmare with most EMRs. We put them on Kareo’s EMR and telehealth, and the system is now managing 4,000 appointments a month.”


Challenge: Telehealth Revolution

About 10 years ago, Di Lello says that EMR business was “flapping in the wind.” Nobody wanted to hear about note-taking systems. So, he began focusing on telehealth as a hot new solution. “By the time the COVID shutdown started, our foot was already firmly in the door, and we were recognized as experts. Today, telehealth comprises 80% of our business, and it’s the only kind of new work we accept.”


Solution: Kareo Telehealth

Di Lello won’t just implement any old telehealth system, though. “I recommend Kareo Telehealth to people even before they become my customers. I talk about the platform when speaking in public, or when being interviewed in podcasts,”DiLello says. “The Kareo Telehealth video platform is fantastic. We are easily getting 95% of our patients on video without any issues. Of the remaining 5% the issues are relatively simple to fix and are almost always related to a problem on the patient’s device, not Kareo.

Di Lello continues, “I’m particularly adamant about clients switching to Kareo if they have an EMR without telehealth, because they’re probably using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and are out of compliance. With new clients, I insist on Kareo. Frankly, Kareo is my secret weapon.”

Result: Awesome Efficiency

One of the difficulties with a subpar telehealth solution is the time spent on technical glitches. “I discovered this myself on a telehealth visit with my own doctor, who was not using Kareo. The connection didn’t work. We spent at least 10 minutes trying to make it happen, to no avail. The doctor had to call me back on my cell, which wasn’t even secure. Think of how much time this wasted for both of us. Multiply this by a day’s worth of patients, and you see what a time sink the wrong technology can be,” Di Lello explains.

“With Kareo, on the other hand, it’s really simple,” he continues. “The patient receives a notification and link. When they click on it, an assistant in the clinic checks that the connection is good. Now it’s like the patient is roomed, waiting for the provider. The physician arrives, the screen opens smoothly on both ends, and the consultation begins. The provider’s notes are automatically stored in the system. The whole interchange is secure. The benefit for physicians is being able to see patients back-to-back, without delays in between. They can see four to five patients per hour instead of two or three, increase their revenue, and everyone is a lot less frustrated.”

Di Lello says that the volume of leads he’s getting for telehealth implementations has doubled since before the virus. Even though the virus is getting more under control, Di Lello says that his clients know that COVID-19 isn’t going away, compliance waivers will expire, and practices won’t be able to use Wild West solutions anymore. It’s imperative for practices to get telehealth right, and to adopt secure, robust systems in a hurry.”

Result: Bright Future with Kareo

Di Lello views Kareo as key to his clients’ success. “Kareo as an efficient tool that lets providers be providers, without worrying about technology. It’s the most complete platform, and the best value, that I’ve seen. It removes the barriers to telehealth, essential for any practice’s survival,” he notes.

Best of all, Kareo helps Di Lello enjoy his work. “This is a super exciting time,” he says. “There’s a telehealth revolution exploding right now, and a lot of practices are flailing around in fear. We help them to embrace and take advantage of the situation. What a rare opportunity. Every day I wake up excited to see what’s going to happen next!”

To see how Kareo can help you with offering secuire, HIPAA-approved telehealth visits, download our data sheet here.

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