Is Outsourcing Inbound and Outbound Calls for Your Medical Practice?

Register Now!Have you considered what your medical practice can outsource these days? Even on a personal level, outsourcing is becoming the way of the world, from household chores to a break-up (yes you really can do this!), outsourcing is certainly mainstream.

Okay, so outsourcing a break-up may not be a necessity in medical practices, but there are many services that you can outsource that will change your practice for the better.

One area where outsourcing can make a lot of sense is inbound and outbound phone calls. Tweet this Kareo story

Sometimes it seems that clinic phones literally ring non-stop. With inbound call outsourcing, you have a service (similar to the answering services of the “old days”) that answers your incoming calls for appointment scheduling, refills, and other requests. As you can imagine, this is typically more cost effective than a full-time employee and can free up in-office personnel to work with in-person patients. A service can also scale to meet your needs with a larger staff that can be tapped into as needed. As a result, wait times stay low and patients are more satisfied. Another bonus is that patients are always getting a live person which is less frustrating than an electronic answering service/merry-go-round when your staff is too busy to answer.

On the flip side of that are outbound call services, and typically practices utilize these for appointment reminders or recall programs. These programs can be automated and may include calls, texts, or email reminders. Reminders and sometimes recalls can be a feature in your EHR or practice management system. However, you can also outsource one or both to a live person service. Again, the benefit is expanding the time of your in-house employees to work with in-person patients while also potentially increasing the number of patient visits.

Most practices fall on one side or the other of outsourcing, there seems to be very little in-between. You‘re either looking at this list and thinking, “wow, I would love to outsource all of these tasks” or you’re looking at it thinking “I would never…”

What is the difference? Typically control. If you do your research and find reputable outsourcing companies at a reasonable cost, the only hurdle left for you is giving up the control of these tasks and trusting a service run with them.

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