No One Likes You on Facebook


Not to go all Good Will Hunting on you, but it’s not your fault.

You’ve been told, or sold, that you need to be doing something with Facebook. And there is so much truth in that. We could fill pages with stats, graphs, pictures, and sound bites. But you already know how big of a deal Facebook is…that’s why you clicked on this posting.

Well then, how can you utilize Facebook and do it right?

Let’s keep it simple.

Facebook is a website where people go to share and be shared with. I can see which restaurant my friend Joe was at last night. I’m updated on music my friend Rachel is listening to, and I can see photos of my cousins new born baby. I can also share my thoughts, recommendations, and photos with all of my friends.

Ok. Now wouldn’t it be awesome if a doctor could get their patients to share and recommend them to all of their patient’s friends? Of course it is. Imagine 20 years ago if you could get just one patient to telephone 198 of their friends and recommend you as their doctor. You would have flipped out. But, that’s the power of Facebook.

Now, how can you get your patients to consistently do this?

Well you could ask them…and it works…just not that well.

Or, you could use a service like DoctorBase to automate patient feedback requests that brings them directly to Facebook to share you.

DoctorBase provides this service, amongst many other viable tools, at a cost effective price.

To learn more, claim your free profile and schedule your demo here:

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