New Kareo Telehealth Features Improve the Patient Experience

Telehealth is here to stay, reflecting a shift in customer preferences and meeting immediate healthcare needs. Not only does it improve access and boost outcomes, but it also increases practice ROI by letting you see more patients in a day. No-shows go down too, saving money and improving efficiencies.

Kareo Telehealth is better than ever, with the ability to now:

  • Schedule group appointments for up to 100 participants.
  • Offer a virtual waiting room.
  • Provide a unique provider link.
  • Offer Telehealth bookings through the online provider profile.

These recent enhancements help your patients feel more at ease with telehealth, while giving you more flexibility. Added to the robust features already included in Kareo Telehealth, you’ll see why the platform can be a game changer, especially during a pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look at the newest features:

1. Sizing Groups Up (and Down)

Offering telehealth to many individuals at once has always been important. However, with the enhanced Kareo Telehealth, you can now:
  • Bring a specialist, other family members or caregivers into a conference call.
  • Host group therapy sessions.
  • Conduct a virtual all-hands meeting.

“Before, Kareo let you include up to 10 participants in one call. Now you can have as many as 100. We’re the only platform we know of that can handle an especially large number of users at once,” says Megan Klauck, product manager of Kareo Engage, which includes telehealth.

What if you want to confer privately with a specialist while everyone else is still on the call? Or what if you want discussion groups during a seminar or training.?

“With Kareo Telehealth, you can now set up virtual breakout rooms within the original call, to create privacy and a feeling of intimacy. Then everyone can return to the main group to share or compare notes,” notes Klauck.


2. Is Anyone Home?

Sitting in a waiting room is no fun. It’s even less fun online, when you’re not sure anyone knows you’re there. Kareo Telehealth now includes a virtual waiting room. This allows you to:
  • Be notified when patients arrive.
  • Send the patient a message, greet them, and reassure them that you’ll be with them in a minute.
  • Give your patient the ability to “knock” to get your attention. “Patients need to be heard – and feel heard,” says Klauck. “The virtual waiting room adds one more level of communication for providers and patients alike, personalizing the telehealth experience.”

3. Unique Provider Link

You can now customize your private virtual location in Kareo Telehealth to establish credibility at-a-glance. This helps the patient know that they’ve clicked on the right link for their appointment because they see your name on the site. HIPAA and HITRUST certificates reassure patients that their information is secure.

4. Indicate Preference for a Telehealth Appointment

Lastly, you can offer your patients the ability to select their preference for a telehealth visit. And if you are a provider that offers telehealth services, you can now enable patients to book their appointments online.

Upgrades to telehealth are essential because patients have become more demanding.

“Over the years, consumers have grown accustomed to getting whatever they need immediately. The same goes for healthcare. Patients want the convenience of getting treated without leaving home, whether it’s because they’re busy, live in a rural area, or have childcare responsibilities,” Klauck notes.

They like telehealth, too. In a recent study, 98% of patients said they are satisfied with video visits. More than 50% said that telehealth increases their involvement in treatment decisions.

Telehealth is good for your practice’s bottom line as well. Did you know that nearly a quarter of all appointments are missed? If a practice has 10+ providers, it loses about $858,000 a year from missed appointments. Reducing this figure, plus increasing patients seen per day, makes telehealth an important financial move. With frequent enhancements, Kareo ensures that your telehealth solution is the best it can be.

Check out all the ways Kareo Telehealth can modernize your practice or clinic, which can increase patient loyalty, satisfaction and get you reimbursed for care you weren’t getting paid for before. Visit us at and we will show you how!

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