Medical Insurance Reimbursement Workflow (Free Checklist)

Did you know that the leading causes for medical claim rejections are all avoidable by improving your insurance reimbursement workflow? Eligibility issues, coding discrepancies and errors in user/provider settings are amongst the main causes for rejections. 

At the 2018 Kareo Billing Company Success Summit, training experts Tracey Peyton and Suzi Grasso presented on the top causes for claim rejections and the best practices on how to avoid them. By following these practical tips and tricks, a smooth and reliable insurance reimbursement process is completely achievable with Kareo. 

See presentation slides:

To learn more about how Kareo solutions can help you achieve clean claims and higher insurance reimbursements, reduce operation costs for claims management and speed up insurance payments:

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And download this free Insurance Reimbursement Workflow Checklist for billing companies and billing managers. Use this resource to help you optimize your workflow and establish ownership through each step of the insurance reimbursement process.


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