The Importance of Google Reviews & How to Get Them: Part 1


This post will focus on the importance of Google reviews and the steps you can take to receive effective appraisals on Google. The necessity for online reviews is highlighted by the fact that 92% of consumers are reading online reviews for local businesses.

When patients are looking for a new medical practice (or business of any sort for that matter), Google is usually the first destination and point of contact between the business and customer. We type keywords into Google’s search engine in order to determine the best possible match for our needs. We compare businesses to each other, read reviews from previous customers, and eventually determine the business that best suits our requirements. Positive Google reviews can be the major determining factor between a new customer walking through your doors or walking through the competition’s. So where do you start? 


First things first, you need to verify your business on Google, and this requires having a Google Business account (this is an easy and free process if you still need to create one). If you already have one, you’ll be able to verify your business on Google. Your business needs to be verified because Google’s search engine favors these businesses over the non-verified. You’ll also need a verified account in order to respond to reviews.


Online reviews are one of the most effective channels for direct customer feedback, but the average customer will probably avoid taking the time to leave a brief review of their experience. Even more so, negative experiences are much more likely to inspire reviews than positive ones

This is why it’s essential to let your customers know how important reviews are to your business. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward about this truth and your intentions, especially if you’re a new business that is attempting to take off. If customers are leaving your business happy, they will usually be willing to lend a helping hand, but they need to be reminded and asked to leave reviews of their experience. 

Guess what! One really easy way to remind your patients to write you a review is to set up post-visit email reminders. The beauty of this is it forwards your review to whichever platform you want. If you already have reviews on Yelp you can send your review to Google. It's really that easy. Stay tuned for part 2 on this topic for more tips for getting Google Reviews.

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