How Boston Medical Center Attracts New Patients

Boston Medical Center knows a trick you can use in your practice to attract new patients. One of the fastest, easiest ways to improve a search engine ranking is to insert a title tag – several words or phrases about the topic of the page – into the hyperlink.

As you know, the higher the search engine ranking, the more likely you are to attract new patients. As you know, having clear, accurate title tags is critical, since everything you put in the title tag appears in the first line of the search results.

Try this on your site:


The “Best Cosmetic Dentist Denver CO” is your keyword phrase, or what you want the title tag to say. If you look at the third example, you'll see the keyword phrase implemented into the URL's title tag, because “Best Cosmetic Dentist Denver CO” was inserted into the hyperlink.

Now let’s see what happens when you Google family medicine Boston. Right at the top of the search results is Boston Medical Center, which earns the key spot, in part, by adding keywords to the title tag:

<strong>Primary Care, Family Practice | Family Medicine | Boston Medical Center, BMC</strong>

Just by inserting this title tag into their hyperlink, along with their URL, they take visitors to the family medicine page and get noticed by the search engines:

It’s all in the title tag for the family medicine page, which is different from the title page of Boston Medical Center’s home page, which looks like this:

<strong>Boston Medical Center | Boston Hospital, Academic Medical Center | Exceptional Care without Exception</strong>

That title tag is part of the home page, and the keywords – especially the “Exceptional Care without Exception” - are prominently displayed.

Ready to create your own title tags and attract new patients through Google? Just remember these three easy points:

  1. Be precise: What does this tell you?  It means that every page of your site should have a unique title tag that mimics what your prospective patients are likely to use as search terms, and if your site addresses different audiences (say, new patients and prospective patients), you need a separate page and title tag for each. The result?  Greater visibility, a higher click-through rate, and ultimately a more successful internet marketing strategy.
  2. Be concise: According to SearchEngineWatch, Google has changed its title tag length guidelines from 65-70 characters to 48-62 characters – so go a bit shorter and sweeter if you want Google to notice you.
  3. Be thorough: Make sure the title tags reflect your own unique selling proposition – what sets you apart from other practices, as Boston Medical Center does in their home page title page: “Exceptional Care without Exception.”

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