Evaluating and Improving Patient Care: Read the #KareoChat Recap

As our host Melissa VanHouten says: “The importance of evaluating, analyzing, and addressing breakdowns in care and finding solutions cannot be overestimated in terms of patient care.” In our last #KareoChat, Melissa (a.k.a. @melissarvh on Twitter) led our discussion on the various factors (and healthcare players) involved in ensuring patients receive the best possible care.

Melissa VanHouten is a wife and mother who was diagnosed with gastroparesis in February 2014. She is a former university political science instructor and corporate trainer. As the creator and administrator of several online support and advocacy groups, she now spends her days advocating for those who struggle to live with the sometimes devastating and life-altering effects of gastroparesis.

#KareoChat participants discussed best practices for evaluating and improving patient care, from the ever-valuable patient’s perspective. What factors should be considered? Who is the patient advocate and what incentives exist to ensure that all players have a vested interested in providing the best possible care? There are just a few of the questions we discussed in our chat.

Here’s the recap!

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