EMR Medical Records: EMR vs EHR, Definition and Pricing

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What is an EMR vs. an EHR?

Electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) are sometimes used interchangeably. It is a common misconception that EMR and EHR are the same, but they have distinct differences. Electronic medical records are used by doctors and other medical staff for diagnosis and to track a patient’s data. Electronic health records cover a broader spectrum than EMRs and may contain information from more than one medical provider regarding the patient’s overall long-term health. Both EMRs and EHRs can enhance the quality of care the patient receives.

EMR Medical Definition

The term EMR (electronic medical record) refers to a digital copy of a patient’s chart as organized by their medical provider. The EMR includes the patient’s treatment and medical history from that specific clinician. By tracking a patient’s data using an EMR system, the clinic’s staff have a full view of a patient’s history including vital information such as blood pressure, vaccinations, allergies, medications, preventative screenings, appointments, and more. By having quick access to medical software, a clinician can diagnose and treat a patient easily.

EMR Benefits

There are multiple advantages to incorporating an EMR system into a medical practice. An EMR eliminates the clutter and confusion of paper records, freeing up space while providing a solution for organization. Operational costs are reduced as hours are not wasted retrieving or filing paperwork. Staff has better communication regarding a patient’s needs, which helps to improve the patient experience and care. Medical staff can easily facilitate other health care services, like communicating with pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and more. Serving as a centralized professional medical resource, an EMR can also be used to deliver reminders and alerts to staff and patients. An EMR can also serve as a dashboard for patients, giving them access to prescription refills, digital appointment setting, and tips for lifestyle improvements.


Key Considerations in Choosing an EMR Medical Records Program 

There are many important factors to consider before investing in an EMR system. Shopping for an electronic medical records application involves many hours or research, plus the time and staff required to get the new EMR program up and fully integrated into the practice. The perfect match for your business will easily transition into your staff’s workflow, facilitate a noticeable difference in efficiency, and improve the patient experience.

Size of User Base 

When selecting the right vendor for your EMR system, consider the user base of the EMR provider. Kareo is trusted by over 85,000 health providers with over 150,000 active users logging in each day. Kareo’s powerful network allows practices to process over $25 billion in insurance claim revenue and has secured over 80 million patient records. With so many loyal and satisfied customers, it’s easy to trust Kareo with your EMR needs.


The Right EMR for Your Specialty of Practice 

Kareo was designed by healthcare providers who understand the demand for a custom-tailored solution. Kareo’s EMR supports 45 unique specialties in all 50 states. Clinicians have access to a user-friendly, intuitive platform with ongoing support. Patients are provided with a digital portal for appointments and more, making it easy to engage with their provider’s office. Incorporating Kareo into your business will provide your clinic with an efficient workflow and make caring for patients effortless. Using Kareo offers clear benefits for both patients and medical staff.


Speed of Installation 

Once you have signed up for Kareo, you can start using the software within minutes. There is no need to hire staff to install the software as the entire program is cloud-based. Kareo will ensure your transition is easy by providing a success coach to provide any support needed. As a Kareo customer, you will have full access to Kareo’s support team through email, phone, or chat – all free for Kareo users. 

Comprehensiveness of EMR Program Solution 

Kareo’s all-in-one EMR program that gives your business instant access to multiple functions. Kareo Clinical provides a comprehensive dashboard that includes patient charts, electronic prescriptions, labs, messaging, a patient portal, and more. For insurance authorization and enrollments, Kareo Billing is a paperless digital solution for claims submissions, payments, statements, analytics, and scheduling. Kareo Engage makes it simple for new patients to find your practice during online search. Kareo Telehealth services connects providers with patients over a secure, HIPAA compliant video service.

Kareo’s cloud program gives your business a tool to analyze patient populations, close care gaps, track claims and payments, observe predictive analytics, and reduce treatment costs. Lastly, Kareo analytics provides advanced reporting and dashboards that will help your business gain key insights necessary for growth. Kareo’s comprehensive program can also be customized to focus on key features. We understand that every medical facility has its own needs and workflow, which is why Kareo can be configured to focus on what matters most to your business. Your adaptive Kareo solution will allow you to increase productivity without compromising standards.

 EMR Medical Customer Reviews

Before you pick an EMR program for your practice, check out what real Kareo users are saying. Over 50,000 providers already trust Kareo with the daily functions of their business. Kareo customers have given the Kareo solution over 4 stars on CNet, Software Advice, and Capterra. Kareo’s EMR system is backed by over 500 glowing reviews from businesses that have been transformed by Kareo.

Kareo’s Reviews: EHR Medical Industry Rankings 

Among the top EMR systems list, Kareo is ranked highest for market presence and overall customer satisfaction. Not all EHR/EMRs offer the comprehensive services that the Kareo platform offers, including customization and ongoing support. With billing, appointment setting, patient data, engagement, messaging, scheduling, analytics and other features all in one service, it’s no wonder Kareo’s customers rank Kareo as one of the leading EMRs in the industry.

EMR Program Support 

While using Kareo is easy, there may be times when customers require additional help. As a Kareo customer you will receive unlimited one-on-one support over the phone, email, or chat. Upon sign-up, your team will be assigned a success coach dedicated to ensuring your success. The Kareo program also includes a help center with a variety of resources including best practices and troubleshooting. 

EMR Pricing 

The Kareo EMR system is designed to give your practice everything it needs from charting to billing. We know your business and patients are unique, which means you need an EMR that fits in with your practice. Kareo can be configured with the features that matter most to your team. Contact Kareo today with details about your business to receive a custom quote. You can also try out Kareo through our free EMR demo.



Kareo’s Pricing: EMR FAQs 


What does EMR mean in medical terms? 

An electronic medical record (EMR) includes important medical information including diagnosis, tests, allergies, prescriptions, immunizations, physicians’ notes, and treatment plans. EMRs can be accessed by healthcare staff to create recommendations. Sometimes the term EMR is used interchangeably with EHR (electronic health record).

What is in an EMR?

An EMR is a digital copy of a patient’s paper charts. Electronic medical records are kept in clinics, clinicians’ offices, and hospitals. The information in an EMR is used by providers to treat and diagnose a patient. EMRs allow medical providers to monitor patients, schedule preventative visits, analyze and track patient data, and improve the overall patient experience.

How is EMR used in healthcare? 

An EMR can be used by healthcare providers to diagnose and recommend treatments for a patient. Electronic medical records can be sent to other healthcare offices as needed.

What is the difference between an EMR and EHR?

An electronic health record (EHR) provides a broader view of a patient’s care and encompasses the total health of the patient. EHRs are designed to interface with multiple providers who are interacting with a patient including doctors, laboratories, and specialists. An EMR is a digital copy of a patient’s medical chart used by a specific healthcare provider.

What are some examples of EMRs?

Examples of EMRs include Kareo, athenaONE, Advanced MD, and CureMD. What makes Kareo’s EMR/EHR solution unique?

 Kareo’s EMR/EHR solution is fully cloud-based. Setup is easy to complete within minutes, no installation required. Not only is Kareo’s EMR system an all-in-one comprehensive system, but it is also customizable to suit the needs of your practice. Kareo offers on-on-one support, including a success coach.

How can I get a demo of Kareo or updated pricing for my specialty? 

Receive a free demo of Kareo by visiting Kareo.com and click “Get Demo”. You may also click “Pricing” to provide details about your practice and submit a request for a custom quote. The Kareo EMR system is designed to give your practice everything it needs from charting to billing. We know your business and patients are unique, which means you need an EMR that fits in with your practice. Kareo can be configured with the features that matter most to your team.

Contact Kareo today with details about your business to receive a custom quote. You can also try out Kareo through our free EMR demo.

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