Are Direct Payment Models the Answer to Rising Patient Payments? #KareoChat Recap

In our last #KareoChat, host Kat Quinn, led a spirited conversation around the potential of alternative, direct payment healthcare models. In response to the alarming rise in the patient’s portion of healthcare payments, independent practices are leading the way in redefining the doctor-patient relationship and exploring alternative patient payment solutions. How can the direct pay model improve the doctor-patient relationship? What are the other benefits as well as things to keep in mind?

Kat Quinn, MBA, is at the forefront of free-market healthcare, a movement to revolutionize healthcare by empowering the doctor-patient relationship. Kat provides a fresh and innovative approach to building market awareness for the free-market health care industry. She is the top Direct Primary Care (DPC) influencer focusing on community-driven health to promote early adoption and building market awareness for DPC. DPC is a value-based health care model empowering the doctor-patient relationship, leading to better health outcomes and lower medical and Rx costs. Her mission is to navigate through the ever-changing healthcare landscape, connecting physicians, patients, and employers to resources and networks. She strives for healthcare accessibility and affordability for all Americans through community collaboration, strategic partnerships & innovation. Inspiring physicians to follow their passion & accelerate positive change in healthcare with Direct Primary Care. Follow Kat on Twitter @DPCNavigator.

#KareoChat participants discussed alternative healthcare payment models, exploring direct pay and concierge/membership models as well as the benefits and challenges associated with each. How can direct pay or concierge membership models empower the doctor-patient relationship? What should providers consider when adopting alternative patient payment models? What about patients? We explored these and other aspects of the conversation.

Here’s the recap! And as always, join us every Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific time @GoKareo #KareoChat to talk about critical topics facing independent practices and the patients they serve.  Looking for more answers to your patient payment issues?  Check out how Patient Payment Solutions can Help Doctors Focus on Giving Quality Care

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