Achieving a Successful Medical Practice Website

If you want your website to stand out you should consider its content and the design of its distribution through your homepage. In this blog post we will go over the top tips for achieving a successful website so you know what to include.

Use real photos! Your website should have realistic pictures of the practice, physicians, and staff working with patients (not stock images). Patients will want an understanding of how the practice works before even meeting the staff and physicians. They should be genuine and create an inviting story. This will help patients feel connected to you before walking through the doors, which can also help with the initial doctor/patient relationship. You want your potential patients to feel welcomed before even meeting the staff and physicians.

Consider including an FAQ section. Often patients will turn to the internet for health questions, and they will probably have questions after visiting your website as well. Include a well-designed and helpful FAQ section with a substantial amount of information. However, make sure the answers are not too wordy and longwinded. Patients should be able to scan and learn quickly.

Include information on the services offered at your practice and the insurance you accept. This information should also be easy to locate.

Post your best testimonials & patient reviews! Including experiences from actual patients is an effective method of showing future patients how your practice performs. This will help patients choose the right practice more easily.

Don't forget the power of the blog. Blogs and other information outlets are important factors that should be included on your website. These will show that the physicians are current with the community and any outstanding issues, and will bump your website rankings as well.

“Read More” buttons should be included in order to engage with patients. Whether it’s a blog post, article or study, the first few sentences should draw the reader in and make them want to learn more about the topic.

Make sure you do not label the finish button with “submit.” Use a more personal wording that makes prospective clients feel like they’re doing more than just submitting their contact information. This could be “Submit My Request” or “Learn More,” as examples.

You want your website to be a welcoming, user-friendly environment to prospective patients. If utilized properly, these tips will help your website flourish and grow over time as more patients visit your virtual waiting room. It should be a place of easily accessible information, highlighting the values of your practice and staff. The comfort of your patients starts at the homepage of your website.




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