6 Ways to Promote Your Medical Practice Website and Get Found Online

Tweet This Kareo StoryThere's no point in having a website in no one can find you!

Whether you are launching a new site or you're just ready to promote the one you already have, these tips can help you get found online by patients. Tweet this Kareo story

You’ve put time and money into creating the very best website possible. Now put yourself out there and start building an online presence.

Your site should have all the necessary features to help with SEO, but you’ll still have to do a little legwork.
  1. Search engine optimization and organic search. It can take a little time for your new site to get noticed by search engines and show up on search sites like Google and Yahoo. By driving traffic to your site via offline efforts you can help this process along.
  2. Submit your site to search engines. Manually submitting your site to search engines can speed things up. Visit https://www.google.com/submityourcontent/website-owner/ to submit to Google. Other search engines provide similar tools.
  3. Add email marketing. If you aren’t already collecting email addresses from patients, start as soon as you decide to implement your site. When the site goes live, send an email to patients—and others, such as referral sources and vendors—to let them know about the new site and the features and services it offers.
  4. Google Places. Own it, update it, and add photos! This can help increase your appearance in online searches.
  5. Claim your online listings. Many physicians are already listed on a wide range of physician search and rating sites. The fastest way to see where your doctors are listed is to run a Google search. Then, go to each listing and own that listing so you can make updates and add information, such as your website and email.
  6. Create a Facebook page. Many healthcare professionals are wary of social media, but the time has come. Start with a simple Facebook page. You can promote this along with your website or as a follow up to the site launch. Make it easy for patients to like you from your website and to click through to your website from your Facebook page. To get your Facebook page up and running, consider these tips:
    - Search for local influencers and other popular local pages and like them. Hopefully, they will like you back!
    - Invite patients, vendors, and others to like you on Facebook through an email.
    - Have employees who are on Facebook promote your new page to their friends (and to like your posts).
    - Post regularly—share reminders for flu shots, general health information, events, etc.
    - Always respond to posts from others, but take personal or health-related communication offline or into a private chat.
There is a lot more that you can do on an ongoing basis around social media, online promotion, and reputation management. These suggestions are just to get you started. To find out more about creating and launching a successful medical practice website, download 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Website Your Patients Will Love.

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