4 Things Doctors Can Do Now To Improve Their Website

A doctor's website is their new business card.

Right now, there's a patient around your locality that's looking for a doctor online. If they end up on your website, what will they find? Will they find a well-designed, easily navigated site with tons of good information and a clear focus? Or will they find a dated site that hasn't been touched in 2 years?

We know that you're busy juggling all the responsibilities of your own private practice, but we've zeroed in on four things you can do right now to improve your website and make it an attractive place for potential patients to visit.

  1. Describe your practice clearly on the homepage: Make sure your picture, specialty, and contact information are very prominent in the homepage. You have 30 seconds to capture a patient's interest, so it's best if the patient knows what you offer on first glance.
  2. Write a good blog: Blogs can be a lot of work, but they can heighten your site's visibility and make you seem like an authority in your field.  Use your blog to convey your expertise to site visitors and try to update it semi-regularly in order to gain solid viewership.
  3. Spice up your bio: Don't just detail your educational and professional history in chronological order. Highlight the most interesting and important points by putting them in the beginning. Make your bio a story, don’t write it out like a resume.
  4. Make forms available online: If you could guarantee a quicker visit, some patients will be intrigued enough to sign up for an appointment. Tell patients they can save 15 minutes by filling out patient intake forms before they step into your lobby.

It's time to call your web developer and request these four small changes to your site.  For instance, implementing a blog is as simple as signing up for a WordPress account. These are all easy changes that can drastically improve the quality of your website, which can help convince patients to choose you when they're searching for a physician online.

About the Author

Dr. Farschinian, along with her partners, runs Discover Health - a private concierge practice in San Francisco that is at the forefront of new payment and care...

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