Practice Models: The ABC's from ACOs to Concierge and Everything in Between - Webinar

The ABCs of Practice Models:
From ACOs to Concierge and
Everything in Between

Have you been wondering if you should switch to another reimbursement model like concierge or direct primary care? Or perhaps you think it is time to join a larger group like an ACO or IPA to take advantage of stronger bargaining power. How do you know if a change like this is right for your practice?

In this free webinar, Lea Chatham will review a variety of different models and options and share:

  1. What to consider before making a change
  2. The pros and cons of each option
  3. Some of the regulatory and legal considerations
  4. The role of technology and practice marketing for the various choices

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About the Speaker

Lea Chatham

Lea Chatham is the Content Marketing Manager at Kareo and the editor of the Getting Paid blog. She is responsible for developing educational resources to help small medical practices improve their businesses. She specializes in simplifying information about healthcare and healthcare technology for physicians, practice staff, and patients. Her work has been published in many leading journals including Physicians Practice, Medical Economics, Medical Practice Insider, and the PAHCOM Journal.

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