Practice Management Features

Simplify medical billing and regain control.

Kareo PM may be the easiest system you’ll ever use, but don’t let the ease fool you. It is a powerful tool designed for small practices and has been used for years to successfully run small practices across the US.

Kareo Practice Management Dashboard

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Dashboards & Reporting

Get a clear picture of your practice’s performance with Kareo. Easy to read graphs show how fast you are getting paid, who’s not paying you, and gives you short-cuts to drill into specific metrics and take immediate action. Key features include:

  • Top denial & rejection reasons
  • Claim accuracy & no response alerts
  • Key performance indicators
  • Automated email reports to physicians
Kareo Practice Management Patient Records

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Patient Records

Securely register your patients and conveniently store all their information in one place. You can enter addresses and insurance information, set patient account alerts, review all patient & insurance charges, and instantly access scanned documents. Top features include:

  • On-demand eligibility checking
  • Insurance assignment
  • Scanned documents – like insurance cards, driver’s licenses, advanced directives and other documents
  • Printing patient statements and itemized charge lists

Scheduling & Reminders

Use the appointment scheduler to fuel your practice’s revenue and maximize your physicians’ time. Customize your practice's schedule, view and schedule across multiple resources, create scheduling rules, and track productivity. Here are some other highlights:

  • No-show tracking
  • Recurring appointments
  • Customer encounter forms
  • Email & telephone appointment reminders
  • iPhone scheduling app

Insurance Billing

Connections to over 2,500 payers and built-in code scrubbing helps you create clean claims and get them paid quickly. Submit both primary and secondary claims, track claim status, get electronic remittance advice reports (ERA), and post payments electronically. Included features:

  • Advanced code scrub
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Denial & rejection management and easy re-submit processes
  • Auto-payment posting that lets you tackle even advanced remittance scenarios

Patient Billing and Collecting Payments

Kareo gives small practices tools to tackle the ever-growing patient-due receivables. You can collect copays & deductibles, process credit cards, offer online bill pay, and send electronic patient statements. Our customers especially like:

  • Batch print and mail statement services
  • Merchant account for debit, credit, FSA, and HSA card processing embedded within Kareo
  • Email statements with links to online bill pay
  • Easy transfer to patient responsibility after insurance allowable is paid
  • Patient Payments Fact Sheet
  • Patient Collections Fact Sheet
Cloud Advantage

Cloud Convenience & Security

Using the same technology as most banking institutions, Kareo keeps your patient information accessible and safe. Grab your computer and with an internet connection your practice will be at your fingertips. Our customers especially like these cloud advantages:

  • Routine & automated data back-ups
  • Hands-free software updates
  • Hassle-free connectivity to insurance payers
  • Anywhere, anytime access
Kareo EHR & Specialty EHR Partners

Kareo EHR & Specialty EHRs

Tying your clinical and your financial workflow together is one of the most efficient things a medical practice can do. The Kareo EHR and Kareo PM share patient information, billing data, insurance files, and patient schedules.

Learn more about Kareo EHR or find out how our specialty EHR partners can help with Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Chiropractic care, Ophthalmology, and much more.

Success Coaching

When you sign up, you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Coach they will help you with:

  • Guiding you through the implementation and training process
  • Assisting with setting up commercial payer enrollments
  • Training and education
  • Submitting claims and posting payments


Practice Management Fact Sheet

Kareo PM Fact Sheet
Save, simplify and succeed with Kareo Practice Management.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator
Answer these simple questions to see how we can help improve your practice's bottom line.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Medical Practice Revenue by 25%

3 Easy Ways to Increase Medical Practice Revenue by 25%
Learn three strategies to increase revenue by 25% with this guide!

With so many features, there's a lot to love. See full list of features.

  • Electronic Claims (both primary & secondary)
  • Code Scrubbing built-in
  • Real-time Eligibility
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Automatic Claim Alerts & Tracking
  • Automatic Secondary Claim Submission
  • Standard Practice Fee Schedule
  • Insurance Specific Contract Rates
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Electronic Patient Statements
  • Print & Mail Statements (batch or individualized)
  • Multi-resource Scheduling
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Reminders (Email & Phone)
  • Customized daily and weekly schedule blocks
  • User-specific to-do lists
  • User Audit Tracking & Security
  • Automatic daily & every 30 minute incremental backups
  • Document scan and storage for insurance cards, IDs, etc...
  • Key Performance Indicator Tracking
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting Dashboards
  • Over 70 Customized Report Types
  • Reporting Data Export & Graphing Tools
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