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What our doctors are saying

Andrew Bronstein, MD Hand Surgeon
Las Vegas, NV

Kareo’s no-commitment pricing structure means you don’t have to sign your life away

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With other systems, I was always afraid that the second it was installed in my office, the software would be obsolete. Every time I log into Kareo, I am waiting 10 – 15 seconds for it to update. That means I’m using new software every day I log in. With Medicare changes and government mandates that require us to be up-to-date, I can’t be using a system that is archaic. Kareo takes the pressure off me to stay current. At the Bronstein Hand Center, we see 50 to 70 patients a day. With Practice Fusion and Kareo, we really don’t need any other system.

Michelle Cunningham, MD Internal Medicine in Geriatrics
Houston, TX

Kareo is incredibly user-friendly!

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As a solo practice physician, it was difficult to find a system that would work well for me yet remain affordable. I am thrilled to have found Kareo. From set up to billing to posting payments, I have had a very easy transition. I used the training videos and included support calls and it was all very intuitive. The reports are so helpful and comprehensive. I am very happy I made the decision to use Kareo. Since I transitioned to Kareo, I've found the system to be incredibly user-friendly. I can run different reports to find things I need to pay attention to and what is already done. I'm able to use the ERAs to input info; it's very seamless and very quick and I know exactly where the funds are going. It doesn't take a lot of my time. I have found Kareo to be incredibly useful.” Michelle Cunningham, MD, is an internist specializing in geriatrics in Houston, TX. When she graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 2006, she decided she wanted to go into solo practice. Read Full Case Study

Dr. Natalie Hodge Pediatrics
Paducah, KY

Kareo cut our billing costs in half, and Customer Support has been phenomenal

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If you’re looking for a low-cost billing solution that will have you up and running quickly, take a look at Kareo. The first thing I like about Kareo is that it has drastically reduced our billing costs--cut them in half. We are also excited about the transparency that we have with Kareo; we are able to view in real time the status of our claims. Finally, Customer Support has been phenomenal.

William Choi Physician, Neurosurgery
Denver, CO

Kareo is a huge advantage

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After using Kareo for about two years, I can say that Kareo is a huge advantage in terms of much less financial cost up front as well as ease of use. My billing manager has been extremely happy with the program, and finds it has been very productive for the practice. You often find the final price on software is doubled by the time you're done, but with Kareo, you know exactly what you're getting up front. You're only responsible for month to month costs. We are extremely happy with Kareo's quality, the Practice Fusion EHR integration, customer support and the financial gains.

Alexander Scheuermann Physician, Osteopathy
Miramar, FL

I absolutely love Kareo

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Kareo works for us because it is web-based and is integrated with Practice Fusion. I chose Kareo for a lot of the reasons that they advertise: the month-to-month payment system, the reduction in overhead and increase in revenue - and let me tell you, that's absolutely true.

What our practice managers are saying

Jeniffer Garcia Office Manager, Urgent Care
Plantation, FL

Total control over your practice

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Our urgent care clinic decided to use Kareo to bring the billing in-house. Kareo is a very user-friendly system that gives you total control over your practice. I like the patient management, appointments, and reports! We have increased profitability by at least 20-25%, and the costs of utilizing the software have decreased tremendously. Overall, the software is great.

Becki Cullember Office Manager, Internal Medicine
Rockledge, FL

Kareo fit all my criteria!

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I did research on several options prior to making the decision for Kareo. The biggest reason I chose Kareo is that it is very user friendly. We started with 1 doctor and myself in the practice, so needless to say I needed something that would be quick to get started with and be so user friendly I would be able to get trained on how to use it as fast as possible. Kareo fit the all my criteria. The other software and companies I researched couldn't get me going as quickly as Kareo did. It is so user friendly that I have not had to spend weeks training new hires on the system. The tutorials have been a lifesaver in the training process of the new hires.

Brooke Knight Office Manager, Sleep Center
Douglas, GA

Kareo is right up there with features, but far exceeds others when it comes to cost savings

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Kareo was one of the first programs I came across, but because I thought they sounded too good to be true, I kept searching--and it only proved to be a waste of my time. On standard features such as electronic claims, training and resources, code-scrubbing, scheduling, claim tracking and auto payment posting, Kareo was right up there with the same kind of features. But Kareo far exceeded the others when it came to things like cost. Kareo is only $300/month; the others were $3-4,000 start-up, one-year contract, and about $4-600/month. We've been with them ever since, and never looked back. We've loved everything they've offered.

Dana Bedwell Office Manager & Biller, Internal Medicine
Panama City, FL

We like everything about Kareo!

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Kareo's support and implementation team was very quick to respond and responded to emails within 24 hours.  They called within 24 hours of sign up and were always on time for scheduled webinars.  I would definitely recommend Kareo for anyone that is looking for a great medical billing software!   We are extremely satisfied with the quality of Kareo's training webinars.  We like everything about Kareo and wouldn't change anything about the training and implementation process.

Mirella Tassiopoulos Office Manager, Urgent Care
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very happy with the support that Kareo provides… we have increased profitability by 20%

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Hello, I'm Mirella Tassiopoulos with Instant Medical Care in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have increased profitability by about 20%, doubled our customer base and decreased costs by 25%. First of all, I am very happy about the support that Kareo provides. Since we have been using Kareo, our billing team feels finally relieved and stress free. Kareo is a user-friendly medical software with integrated electronic claims capabilities. I was very happy to get the first month of phone support, which helped us a lot with the integration and interface process, which turned out to be very simple. You can work from home, the office or from the road. You can access your practice data from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. Kareo is packed with many great features that make my life easier. I'm a satisfied user.

What our billing services are saying

LaKishia Jordan Medical Billing and Collections Specialist, Medical Billing Service
Austin, TX

Kareo is one of the best things we could ever find

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Kareo is one of the best things we could ever find--a true treasure. Kareo is EASY. Kareo helped us in a situation where we had a pain management clinic with over 50 docs sign up--we needed something fast and dependable, and Kareo is that. We got claims back with confirmation within 24 hours; that was an awesome thing. We ran the reports that doctors specifically asked for and it was so easy. The Kareo dashboard is an awesome tool. It tells you things you need to do today, what you’ve collected, and more. Kareo customer service is awesome; you couldn’t ask for a better customer service department. I recommend Kareo to doctors, especially those just starting out—you need something simple.

Rosemary Bonilla Owner, Medical Billing Service
Brooklyn, NY

Our days in A/R went from over 100 to 30

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We switched to Kareo because of their code verification feature, web-based system, user friendly software, tracking system and price. Kareo really wants to service their clients with a very easy system and they want to optimize your billing process with technology.

Ruth Petty Billing Specialist, Medical Billing Service
Clermont, FL

By far, Kareo is the best on the market

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I love Kareo because I can post a payment with just the click of the mouse. Kareo improved our profitability by 25%. Overall, Kareo is just a better program to work with. Our practitioners love the fact that they can go on any time and just check everything out for themselves: keep track of their revenue, claim response times...the many different options that Kareo offers. By far, Kareo is the best on the market.

Ychele Patti Owner, Medical Billing Service
Brick, NJ

My startup cost was reduced tremendously without sacrificing the quality of service that I could provide. It was a win-win.

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I was starting a medical billing company knowing that I would be working with an ob/gyn. Finding an online billing software took the burden of hardware, firewalls, and additional technical components off my shoulders. My startup cost was reduced tremendously without sacrificing the quality of service that I could provide. It was a win-win. There are so many reporting functions—any different report that I want to create could always be exported into Excel and then I could tweak it even further. I found Kareo was a great combination of value, low cost and ease. Plus, there was a minimum commitment.

Cheryl Nash Director of Operations, Medical Billing Service
Colorado Springs, CO

Kareo gives employees a “work-from-home” option and allows providers to see in real time what is being done on the account

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Kareo is internet-based and gives me the ability to access it anywhere.  We enjoy reasonable pricing, and a document management system that allows for ease of use and the ability to get any information with a few “clicks.” Kareo gives employees a “work-from-home” option and allows providers to see in real time what is being done on the account.  Additionally, Kareo is beneficial for receptionists and other staff members because it lets them access real time information for their patients.

What our billers are saying

Linda Brady Billing/Contracting Manager, Physical Therapy
Chandler, AZ

I love Kareo and am so thankful to be utilizing it in our practice!

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We are a new Physical Therapy office using Kareo and interfacing with Practice Fusion. I do the billing for our practice from a home office so it is extremely important to have a program which can be accessed from any computer at any time. I was assigned a Success Coach (Cory) who is great to work with. If he isn't immediately available, he gets back with me in a timely manner with the answer to my latest dilemma. Kareo has so many checkpoints along the way to make sure the submitted bill continues smoothly to the payer. I am continually impressed with the way Kareo coordinates with PF and transfers the data I need. I love the “No Response" feature which flags a claim that may be taking too long and serves as a reminder to double-check the status. I love Kareo and am so thankful to be utilizing it in our practice!

Dina Dealy Billing Supervisor, Family Practice
Pleasant Hill, CA

Quality software that is cost effective and easy to use

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Kareo is a quality software that is cost effective and has easy to use features such as the clearinghouse reports and patient statements. We like the interface with Practice Fusion. Kareo has saved our practice time and money with the electronic claims and statements, and especially with the low price. Our practice is really happy with Kareo and we would recommend it to anyone.

Darcy Liberty Billing Manager, Dermatology
Waterville, ME

Our office highly recommends that you check Kareo out, you will not be disappointed

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Our office staff loves Kareo. We all learned so quickly how to use Kareo, and the customer support is amazing. The scheduling aspect couldn’t be any easier or user friendly. We are still learning something new every day when navigating around the program. I do all the billing and can’t tell you how easy it was to set up. I was a little nervous at first but anytime we had questions or were stuck the support staff, especially Frances were so helpful in figuring out what we needed to do. I also love the fact that it is web based and I can access it from home anytime. Instead of waiting until Monday to fix any rejections, I can correct them over the weekend and come Monday morning they are already on their way to being processed. I also love the reports that are generated in Kareo, very detailed and easy to access. Kareo is also a very affordable way to upgrade your existing software, so our office highly recommends that you check Kareo out, you will not be disappointed. There is no way you could go wrong with choosing Kareo!

Elizabeth Underwood Billing Manager, Infectious Disease & Internal Medicine
Gainesville, FL

Accessible and contract free

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I like being able to download the software and use it wherever I am at. Kareo is accessible and contract free. With Kareo, our turnaround time has been incredible. We do see an increase in our revenue, and a decrease in the amount of rejections we’ve had, all because of the code-scrubbing. Kareo was very user-friendly, no up-front cost, no contracts. You had choices on what you wanted to spend monthly depending on what your practice needs. I’m very pleased.

Mitzi Collins Billing Specialist, Primary Care
Elizabethtown, KY

An awesome and friendly support staff

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Kareo customer support is second to none. I can call or email, and within an hour, sometimes within minutes, I have a response telling me exactly what I need to do so I can move on with my day. One of my favorite features is the No Response Report; the system will show me all the claims I need to work so I don’t get any timely filing denials. Kareo has really helped us increase our revenue.

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