Specialty Specific EHRs

Specialty EHR

You’ve chosen your specialty. Now choose your specialty-specific software.

Finding the right EHR for your specialty is crucial. Through the Kareo Open Practice Management platform, you can now connect Kareo’s practice management software to the best specialty-specific EHRs available.


Chiropractic Medicine

Whether your practice is focused on physical rehabilitation, adjustments, health & wellness coaching or all of the above, you deserve a technology platform designed to accommodate your treatment modalities and purpose-built to get you paid for the services you provide. Together Kareo & BackChart give you a complete EHR and chiropractic billing solution improving the way DCs run their businesses. Learn More

Modernizing Medicine


Get the dermatology-specific EHR that ranked first for dermatologists successfully attesting for meaningful use in 2012. Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) was designed to save time and improve outcomes. Developed by dermatologists for dermatologists, EMA Dermatology™ automatically includes a deep knowledge of dermatology. You’ll find documenting your patient’s condition has never been faster. Combining EMA’s adaptive learning features and coding with Kareo PM’s Open platform will give you the most powerful technology to run your dermatology practice and help you get paid for the quality care you provide. Learn More


Occupational Therapy

As an occupational therapist, you’re focused on helping children and adults alike gain or regain functional abilities to live fuller lives, so you need a documentation and billing solution designed for you. And that solution is Kareo+WebPT. OTs across the country use this solution because WebPT offers a top-notch EMR with OT-specific functionality and Kareo offers comprehensive practice management tools ideally suited for an OT practice. It’s a perfect match. Learn More

Modernizing Medicine


As you preserve and restore eyesight, wouldn’t it be nice to have an EHR built with deep knowledge of ophthalmology? With over 800 ocular structures and 500 treatment plans covering thousands of ophthalmology diagnoses codes, Modernizing Medicine’s EMA Ophthalmology™ is designed for ophthalmologists by ophthalmologists. The clinical expertise found in EMA Ophthalmology plus the medical billing efficiencies of Kareo’s PM solution make the combination of Kareo and EMA the best choice for ophthalmology practices across the US. Learn More


Physical Therapy

As you evaluate and treat your patients, you need a technology platform specifically designed for your PT practice — and Kareo and WebPT provide just that. Today, thousands of PTs choose to pair these two technologies for an integrated solution that helps them be better in business. With Kareo+WebPT, you’ll discover defensible and easy-to-use documentation software, comprehensive business tools, reporting, billing, and interactive scheduling tools. Learn More

Modernizing Medicine

Plastic Surgery

We understand the detail and precision expected of plastic surgeons. A specialty-specific technology platform with a built-in understanding of the sutures and implants you are likely to use, the appreciation of counseling involved in pre-procedural discussions and powerful tools to visually document your procedures is the best way for practices like yours to be electronic. Together, Kareo and Modernizing Medicine’s EMA Plastic Surgery™ give you the clinical tools and medical billing tools to efficiently run your plastic surgery practice. Learn More


Primary Care & Sub-specialties

Juggling chronic disease management and helping patients of all ages get health or stay healthy is a huge job. Use the Kareo EHR and practice management tools to help you tackle the daily needs of seeing patients, documenting care, and getting paid. With built-in patient education, connection to thousands of pharmacies and labs, and tools to quickly document over 100 of the most common primary care conditions, the Kareo EHR and Kareo PM is a great way to run both the business and clinical aspects of your practice. Learn More


Speech Language Pathology

As a speech language pathologist, you need a technology platform that works specifically for your unique needs — it makes a difference in your productivity and to your bottom line. For this reason, hundreds of speech-language therapists have chosen Kareo+WebPT to document and get paid. With WebPT, you’ll have the perfect rehab therapy-specific EMR, and with Kareo, you’ll get the best in practice management. Combined, Kareo+WebPT provides you with all the tools you need to run your SLP practice. Learn More

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— Dr. Natalie Hodge, Pediatrics

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