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Faster payments
made easier

Let our experts help you with a better billing solution that increases your efficiency, takes complicated billing issues off your plate, and improves your returns.

More time, more focus

Spend less time worrying about billing. Let our experts handle things, so you can focus on your patients.

A powerful resource

Get real-time updates, speed up processing with electronic claims, and access your information anytime.

Your expert team

Our billing experts are always here to help. Think of us as an extension of your staff.

See how to collect faster
and save time

Meet your team

With Kareo’s expert team and best-in-class products and services working for you, you can be sure your billing and claims are being taken care of. We tailor our process to your specialty and relentlessly pursue your claims.

Dedicated account manager

When you sign up for Kareo Billing Services, we set you up with a dedicated account manager. This person is your single point of contact who will keep you up to date and handle all of your billing tasks.

Experts on the job

Medical billing is complicated. With Kareo Billing Services, you have a dedicated team of billing experts whose full-time job is to keep up on the latest compliance requirements and do everything it takes to get you paid faster.

A solution for all your needs

In addition to a dedicated billing team, Kareo Billing Services also gives you access to powerful software to improve your front-office and clinical workflows. You’ll have everything you need to streamline the daily chores of running your practice.

Better patient management

As soon as your patient arrives, our front-office software makes it easy to check them in and kick-start your visit workflow. With support for scheduling, insurance coverage verification, sending appointment reminders, and more, it’s everything you need for more in-office efficiency.

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Paperwork that does itself

Kareo makes it easy for you to capture the procedure and diagnosis codes for every patient visit. Plus, it makes it easy for your patients to pay, with credit/debit card payment options, email statements, online bill pay, print and mailed statements, and more.

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Every feature you need to expedite collections

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Get an overview of your practice’s financial health at any time.

End-to-End Claims Management

Submit your superbill and we’ll manage your claims until you get paid.

Complete Patient Collections

Stay on top of patient A/R with our expert tools and services.

Billing Best Practices

Increase revenue by as much as 20% with our best practice approach.

Specialty Expertise

Make sure you’re getting paid what you should with our tailored expertise.

Ongoing Training & Support

Get the set-up support, training, and ongoing resources to guarantee you get the most out of Kareo. All at no extra cost.

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Kareo Billing Services Pricing

You pay as low as 4-9% of your
monthly collections*

$0 {
  • For software
  • For training, support & upgrades
  • For up-front fees

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*Based on claim volumes and specialty.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be a Kareo customer for life. We believe in the power of small practice, and we want you to succeed. And we believe Kareo will help you do that. But if at any point you choose to bring your billing back in-house, you can continue using the full Kareo software suite and pick up right where you Kareo tram left off. No questions asked. No hassle. That’s our guarantee.

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We’re here to help

Our mission is simple: help you make your practice more successful. Right from the start, we make it easy to get up and running with Kareo. And that support is ongoing to make sure you’re always getting the most out of our solutions.

  • Free coaching

    For the first 90 days, you’ll have your own Kareo success coach – at no extra cost. Get the one-on-one attention and support you need right from the start.

  • Moving your files

    We’ll help you get your files from the cabinets and closets up to the cloud, so they can then be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

  • Your Style of Support

    Get support anytime, any way. You can contact us via phone, email or chat. We’re always here to help.


A solution for every specialty

We’ve got you covered, from neurology to podiatry. We have the tools and resources you need to give your patients better care, and grow your practice.

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"Kareo is the best software out there."

– Sandra Durant, Marest Billing LLC

"Kareo support has been fantastic."

– Dave Stuart, Maine Physical Therapy Billing Inc.

"What used to take two employees a weeks worth of work, now gets done on my day off in a couple of hours...on my back porch."

– Dr. Gary Easter, Healing Touch Chiropractic


Awards & Accolades

We’ve been recognized by the most respected organizations in the industry for our innovative ways of providing a fully integrated EHR to independent practices all over the U.S.

Black Book

#1 Integrated EHR/Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management Software Vendors

Kareo was the only company to receive a top 4 ranking in every one of the criteria measured and achieved the top spot in 12 out of 18.

Black Book

#1 Physician Practice Management/Revenue Cycle Management

Kareo was the only company to receive a top 4 ranking in every one of the criteria measured and achieved the top spot in 12 out of 18.

Black Book

#1 Overall Integrated EHR, Billing, Physician Practice Management Software

Kareo was the only company to receive a top 4 ranking in every one of the criteria measured and achieved the top spot in 12 out of 18.

Black Book

#1 RCM Satisfaction By Practice Speciality Type

Kareo was the only company to receive a top 4 ranking in every one of the criteria measured and achieved the top spot in 12 out of 18.

Kareo billing services resources

Make your practice more successful

We believe in the power of small practice. That’s why we offer free tools to help you measure and manage your practice successfully. From white papers to webinars and more, you’ll find everything you need, right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outsourcing my billing?


Outsourcing billing is a great way to increase your efficiency and improve your returns. By letting Kareo take complicated billing issues off your plate, you can focus on your patients, not paperwork. Kareo Billing Services make sure you are paid quickly for all your services. Plus, you’ll have a team of billing experts always on your business.

What is involved in the set-up and how quickly can Kareo start billing for me?


Kareo will get to work right away, but there may be a few more steps to take before your account is “ready to bill.” The practice/provider must be properly credentialed and fully enrolled with the desired payers. Once these payers process your enrollment form, typically within 5-30 days, Kareo will begin sending electronic claims to them.

What is included in the costs of having Kareo do my billing?


You’ll have a professional dedicated Account Manager to help you with all of your billing needs Kareo’s expert billers will help you tackle administrative tasks, enrollments, credentialing, claims processing, and patient billing to help you collect more. In addition, you will automatically get Kareo Practice Management for your front-office and reporting needs (valued at $299 per month, per physician provider), as well as our free, certified EHR to support your clinical needs. Support, training, and software upgrades are all included.

How does your pricing work?


We charge a percentage of net collections, this varies from 4-9% of collections. Your rate will be determined based on a number of factors, including your practice specialty, claim volume, and requirements.

Are there additional fees I need to know about?


There are only a couple additional fees that you may incur. We charge $.74 to print and mail each required patient statement. We offer an optional discounted Credit Card processing fee of 2.3% plus $.30 per swipe for all credit card transactions. (Customers not using Kareo Billing Services, pay $3.9% plus $.30 for patient not present credit card transactions.)

Can Kareo transfer my billing and patient data from my existing practice management software into Kareo PM?


Our Data Services team can help import a number of fields into your new Kareo Practice Management account. Typically, as long as you are able to export those fields from your current system into Excel or .csv file format, we take it from there. Ask your Account Manager for a list of specific fields that can be imported.

Do I need to have the Kareo Practice Management software for Kareo to do my billing?


Yes, however there are a few unique situations where we may be able to use your current Practice Management system, if that is required.

Do I need to use an EHR if I’m using the Kareo Billing Service?


No, you are not required to use an EHR for us to do your billing. But we do recommend it. There are a number advantages to using an integrated EHR and Practice Management system.

What type of support does this include?


As soon as you sign up for Kareo Billing Services, you will be assigned your own Account Manager, who will work with you over the life of your account. Plus, we provide EHR and Practice Management training and support at no extra cost.

Can you do coding for me?


We do not provide CPT© or level coding services. We do however provide ICD-9 coding (ICD-10 when adopted) and modifier assistance. CPT© codes must be provided by the doctor via EHR, paper Superbill, or hand-written documentation.

Can I decide which of my patients go to collections?


Yes, it’s your practice, so you make the decisions. You can discuss this and agree on terms with your Account Manager on your welcome call.

What kind of reports will I have access to?


You will be able to log in and view your Dashboard and reports to see how well we are doing at any time. Quickly view updated accounts receivable dashboards, meters showing you how fast you are getting paid, and other easy-to-read performance indicators to see how efficiently we are managing your billing.

What if I decide to take my billing back in-house?


We hope that you will be a customer for life, but if at some point outsourcing your billing is no longer the best thing for your business, your staff can bring your billing back in-house. You can continue using the full Kareo software suite, so your team can pick up right where Kareo left off. That’s our guarantee.

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