The Kareo Story

Kareo was founded by our CEO, Dan Rodrigues, in 2004 with a vision of simplifying medical offices with web-based medical billing software that replaces the expensive and complex medical billing and practice management systems doctors have today.

We have since created the most user-friendly, easy-to-buy, and easy-to-setup software on the market.

Our technology-spirited approach disrupted the status quo for medical billing software. We were one of the very first companies to eliminate enormous licensing fees and we introduced a fresh new way of doing business without the legal handcuffs of multi-year contracts. We committed to earning the business of our customers every month and giving them the freedom to stop using Kareo if their needs changed.

Looking back through our journey, we have reached some amazing milestones.

A full collection of press releases and news buzz can be found at our press releases.

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