About Us

We believe in the
power of small practice.

People often ask us, “Why small practice?” For us, it’s simple—the relationships. Despite all the complexities in today’s healthcare industry, it still comes down to one central idea, great care given by doctors to patients. When doctors aren’t distracted by the day-to-day challenges of running their business, or complying with new insurance rules, or chasing down payments, they can focus on taking care of their patients. We help make that happen, and that’s important work.

Since 2004, Kareo medical office software and services have been purpose-built with small practices in mind. From administration, to electronic health records, to billing and collections, we streamline and simplify operations so doctors can spend more time practicing medicine. And those minutes and hours we give back make a big difference. That’s when relationships are built, when the most meaningful care happens. Being part of that is pretty powerful. It’s why we love what we do.

Our Mission

To free doctors' hands for the important work of patient care.

Our Vision

In the next five years, Kareo will unleash its entrepreneurial spirit to become the market-leading provider of technology-enabled solutions to the business problems faced by small medical practices.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Building a team of people that match our values and are the best at what they do
  • Developing a culture and making decisions based on our vision and values
  • Making complex processes intuitive through imaginative applications of technology
  • Providing human connections to solve problems where our products are less apt to be successful
  • Educating small practices with ideas and insights about the business of healthcare
  • Investing in the product discovery process to create innovative solutions

Our values

Be Passionately Driven

We take enormous pride in our work. We inspire others to accomplish amazing things and are always curious to learn more.

We constantly fight for a positive culture

We have a culture of inclusion built on bias-to-action, trust, respect and dignity for all. We connect with, laugh with and uplift the lives of those around us.

Deliver Excellence

We hold each other to rigorous standards of quality and integrity. We take on big challenges and see them through. We unleash our collective genius to solve problems for our clients and the marketplace.

Be Cool

We are honest, respectful, trusting, and collaborative. We are always transparent, even when it’s bad news. We are humble and mindful of our actions and words.

Expect and Embrace Change

We stay nimble. We take risks, but seek wisdom. We are resourceful and adaptable. We work intensely, but take time to make sure we execute well.

Make Room for Imagination

We understand the value of thinking differently. We create opportunities for those who dare to invent and reinvent. We solve problems with ingenuity and elegance.

Grow and Win

We develop people at all levels. We care deeply about the kind of success that rewards everyone. And we strive to give back by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to our communities.

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